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Best Golem and Useful Apps for Blogger

Best golem Apps for Blogger Productivity. As a blogger, after all you'll be very facilitateed by the smartphone. Smartphones are often a really powerful tool to extend productivity as a blogger if we will observe use of them.

One manner is to use supporting apps that may help us in blogging. From writing articles, to managing all assets equivalent to pictures and photos.

Of the various android apps, here are the five best android apps for bloggers that basically help your productivity as a blogger.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Indeed, there are many keyboard apps which will be downloaded on Google Play Store. Ranging from display-oriented keyboard applications, to feature-rich.

I assume the most effective keyboard app for golem is SwiftKey Keyboard. The auto-correction feature is incredibly appropriate for USA bloggers who usually write through android smartphones.

Either it' simply typewriting a draft or a full article. No additional typos. SwiftKey Keyboard has an intelligent rule that may be able to determine errors after you do, then correct them.

SwiftKey Keyboard is one in all the must-have apps on the smartphone of all bloggers.

Dropbox Paper

Anyone apprehend what Dropbox Paper is? Dropbox Paper could be a notes application developed by Dropbox. Indeed, there are several similar applications equivalent to Evernote, Simplenote, and others.

I've tried all of those apps, and supported personal experience, Dropbox Paper is that the best. Dropbox Paper features a easy nonetheless elegant look. Makes it straightforward to USAe and permits us to focus once typewriting articles.

And another advantage, Paper is totally integrated with Dropbox. thus we will insert pictures or photos that we've got antecedently hold on in Dropbox.


Those of you who have started seriously following the profession of blogger are actually now not unacquainted social media. Social media could be a powerful tool to push the blogs we tend to manage so as to urge tons of additional traffic.

Well, typically we've got to manage tons of social media accounts. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to LinkedIn. If we tend to install of these social media apps one by one, it's actually terribly ineffective.

Fortunately there's an app known as Hootsuite. With this one app, you'll manage all of your social media accounts. you'll schedule posts, reply to comments, and even check the statistics of every social media account.

Hootsuite could be a important app for bloggers, particularly people who usually use social media to urge further traffic on their blogs.


As a blogger, we certainly would like reading sources. In order to perpetually get a offer of information, or simply wish to search out inspiration.

One of the same old ways to try to to this can be to browse blogs or websites with themes that interest us. If you continue to visit your favorite websites manually, then from currently inactive the habit.

Because there's a stronger way, specifically by victimisation Feedly. Feedly can collect feeds from your favorite websites you follow, then show them within the app.

If you have got tons of favorite websites that are often read, then Feedly you want to install. you'll update the data whereas searching for inspiration for the fabric of ensuing article that you just will write.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, after all you're no unknown to the present one tool. a must have tool for all skilled journalgers to search out out the quantity of blog visits.

Google Analytics has its own official app on Google Play Store. this can actually make your life easier as a blogger. you'll check the number of blog visits anytime and anyplace via golem smartphone.

Google Analytics Features:

  • Monitor time period data
  • Check key metrics within the default report
  • Compare date ranges and apply segments
  • Explore to form your own reports with any combination of metrics, dimensions and segments you like
  • Save the report back to your dashboard thus you'll simply notice it again

Google Adsense

Most bloggers already comprehend Google Adsense. This app is merely for Adsense publishers. For Google Adsense publishers, you can check y varieties of revenue reports and revenue sources by putting in this application on your smartphone.

With a report like this on a smartphone, the publisher can now apprehend what happens if there's a major amendment in revenue.

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